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Mini Care Mate is committed to act with compassion, integrity, honesty and high ethics in all situations, to listen with respect to others and to value differences. We are also committed to protect the global environment, and to enhance communities.

Supporting community programs
Supporting community programs


Helping domestic violence victims escape, one bag at a time

Stacy began her charity, Escabags, after hearing about the horrific and violent death of Hannah Clarke and her three children. Stacy herself had previously escaped a domestic violence situation.

Escabags provide a service for people escaping their abusers where by they can collect the things they desperately needed in places such as service stations, police stations or hospitals. Or better yet, have a friend collect a pre-packed bag for them prior to their planned escape, so that they could avoid an abusive situation altogether.


Escabags are not gender, age, religion, sexuality or ability specific, nor are they situation specific. They are to assist the victims of abuse when initially escaping from a dangerous, abusive situation.

Escabags are lightweight, cotton tote bags, each made with love by volunteers and filled with the necessities that a victim of abuse and his/her child/children may need when initially escaping from a dangerous situation.

As their motto states “Escabags is the first step in you becoming a SURVIVOR and no longer a victim.” When the time comes, the victim is not only picking up a bag, they are choosing life and to no longer accept the abuse they (and possibly their children) have had to endure.

It is the first step in their new life.

Escabags and their contents are completely free of charge, Escabags are available in 2 different types one for a single person and one for a parent & child.

The hard working team at Escabags are in the process of ensuring the Escabags are easily accessible in as many Hospitals, Service Stations, Doctors Surgeries, Schools, Supermarkets and Health Centres in Australia. So when that brave time comes, it will not matter where the victim is or what time of the night it is, there will be somewhere to collect an Escabag.

If you can help in this great cause by either becoming a stockist or by donating money or essential items please visit

Environmentally Friendly Guests Toiletries from Ethical Suppliers

Our Products

Skin-loving & cruelty-free formulations
Our suppliers research and development teams source the finest ingredients to create products that are safe, kind to skin and the environment.

Enviro-conscience packaging
Our suppliers carefully consider every detail of the products – including how they are packaged and delivered to guests. They are respectful of the environment and research ‘next practices’ in packaging of soaps, liquids and accessories.

Our Processes

Responsible manufacturing
With a global footprint to consider, we choose manufacturers who focus on reducing the environmental impact of their manufacturing capabilities around the world.

Creating like-minded partnerships
We partner with organisations that embrace the responsibility to make a positive impact on the people we serve, the products we bring to market and the planet we are privileged to share.