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ORANA, a traditional Australian “welcome”, is also a collection of uniquely blended essential oils, designed to refresh and revive your body, mind and spirit.

Infused with Australian essential oils of lemongrass, mandarin and Tasmanian pepper berry, these gentle and soothing formulations are free of sulphates and parabens. Australian designed and owned, this handsome, apothecary-style range blends seamlessly with any bathroom décor and is guaranteed to make your guests feel at home.

Orana Guest Amenities

Respectfully acknowledges Australia’s native history while conveying a hospitable message of welcome to the guest.

Draws on Australian essential oils, including Tasmanian pepper berry, lemongrass and mandarin, to help create a sense of place.

Warm colour palette fits seamlessly into almost any décor Formulations are free of parabens, sulphates, mineral oils and are never tested on animals.

EcoPure organic plastic additive helps aid in plastic packaging becoming biodegradable.

Australian designed and owned.