Pharmacopia Wholesale Guest Amenities

Delighting the senses with luscious formulations developed according to ancient healing wisdom.

Lisa Levin started Pharmacopia in her garden, literally harvesting the abundant herbs and creating natural potions, fragrant soaks and healing creams. Her passion for natural health grew into a body care brand that is as healthy as it is beautiful and luxurious.

Pharmacopia Argan Oil Collection – Natural Body Care
Pharmacopia products were developed according to ancient healing wisdom, promoting balance and comfort while delighting the senses. They are luscious formulations using potent antioxidants, therapeutic plant extracts and essential oils with no Parabens, Petro-chemicals, Phthalates or synthetic colours.

  • No Phthalates | Paraben-Free
  • Recyclable caps & bottles
  • Packaged in bottles made from 100% recycled plastic
  • Cruelty free and Vegan

Fresh and distinctive scents with aromatherapeutic benefits to uplift, energize and calm.
Sustainable packaging including recycled plastic bottles to lessen our environmental impact, and biodegradable formulas.

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Toiletry Accessories also available in Wholesale Cartons.

“Enhance your guests’ experience with a range of toiletry accessories designed to complement any of our guest amenity collections”.
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