V!VE [Re-Charge] Essential Pack (Carton of 20 packs)

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Our luxury V!VE [Recharge] toiletry packs contain 9 of the most popular products:

• 40ml Shampoo
• 40ml Conditioner
• 40ml Body Wash
• 40ml Body Lotion
• 50gm Soap (boxed)
• Shower Cap & Hair Tie (boxed)
• Dental Kit (boxed)
• Grooming Kit (boxed)
• Comb (clear sleeve)
• Packaged in a black/mesh toiletry bag with zipped fastening

Pack price: Now only $8.99 per pack (Including GST)

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V!VE [Re-Charge] is a luxury range with Black Pepper and Grapefruit Peel Essential Oils, and a revitalising rich formulation infused with exotic spiced fruit on a warm base of Dry Amber, Oud Wood and Dry Down.

All soaps and liquids contain premium ingredients to ensure that your clients are provided with a product that is second to none.

Benefits of ordering our ready-made toiletry packs:
• Small orders welcome
• Available in cartons of 20 packs
• Contains 9 products packaged in toiletry bags
• Packs are delivered to your door, ready to hand out to your recipients

Key Features V!VE [Recharge]
• Exclusive fragrances, supported by rich extracts and essential oils
• High active ingredients and Silk extracts provide for an authentically luxurious feel
• Mineral Oil Free
• Sustainably sourced vegetable soap, triple-milled soaps, vegan friendly and made from 100% vegetable soap noodle, free from all animal derived ingredients
• Skin loving liquids free from parabens, CDEA and phthalates
• Environmentally responsible packaging with organic-based ERP™ additive
• Carbon neutral
• Paraben free
• Cruelty free, not tested on animals

V!VE [Re-Charge] Fragrance:
Re-Charge is an invigorating medley of intoxicating Hesperides citrus, surrounding a sophisticated fragrance of exotic spiced fruit top notes resting on a warm spicy base of Dry Amber, Oud Wood and Dry Down. Inspired by Hugo Boss and Christian Dior this fragrance is targeted at the bold, sophisticated and independent.

Do you need further customisation?

We are happy to work with you to customise packs with the contents of your choice (*Minimum quantities apply).

Head over to our Custom page for further information or Contact Us with your requirements and we will liaise with you regarding your request.