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What are patient welcome packs or patient amenity kits?

  • A patient welcome pack is a pack given to new patients, specially designed to make them feel welcome and provide them with information about their stay.
  • The pack can include procedure information, brochures & facility information along with  items to make their stay more safe  & comfortable like toiletries, dental kits, sanitizer & shaving kits.
  • A Patient Amenities Kit or Pack is designed for patient comfort and includes soaps, moisturiser, combs, pens & paper etc.

What affect do Patient Welcome Kits or Care Packs have on staff & patients?

  • Patients at a UK hospital reported 94% who received a Patient Care Pack felt fore comfortable during their stay.
  • In addition 93% of nursing staff reported that care packs served as an icebreaker, promoting greater interaction with patients from the start of their stay.

Why are some hospitals & medical facilities providing a welcome pack to their patients?

  • Organisation who are taking the extra steps to differentiate their facility from the competition and stand out from the crowd.
  • Hospitals who would like to encourage patients to utilise their private health funds, are offering extra perks for private patients.
  • Aged and medical facilities who would like to deliver health & care with EXTRA care & WOW.

What affect do Patient Welcome Kits or Care Packs have on staff & patients?

Think about what’s useful, educates, delights and adds value to your patients experience in your faciity.

Remember, it’s all about adding value to your clients health and care!


  • Avoid the show bag of excess information
  • Give something useful and memorable

Keep your patient welcome pack functional, usable and practical.

We customise packs to suit your hospitals requirements and provide branded bags for a longer lasting impact.

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