Kudos Coastal Sample Pack


Treat your guests to an escape from the everyday and let them enjoy the refreshing vibes of Kudos Coastal with coconut extracts and the tropical scent of a Tahitian breeze.

Each Kudos Coastal Sample pack contains 30ml Shampoo, 30ml Conditioner, 30ml Body Wash, 30ml Body Lotion & 30g Sachet Soap.

Packaged in clear cello or a natural cotton bag.



Kudos Coastal is boosted with the skin moisturising benefits of coconut extracts to nourish and hydrate all day long.

Enriched with premium ingredients, Kudos Coastal has been created with a commitment to sustainability, all products are BPA free, recyclable and biodegradable. They contain an organic-based ERP™ (Environmentally Responsible Packaging) additive to reduce our environmental impact.

Each Kudos Coastal Sample pack contains:

  • 30ml Shampoo
  • 30ml Conditioner
  • 30ml Body Wash
  • 30ml Body Lotion
  • 30g Sachet Soap

Key Features of using Kudos Coastal:

  • Beautifully fragranced with coconut and vanilla extract
  • Free from all parabens, CDEA and phthalates
  • Soaps are Triple-Milled, Vegan Friendly and made from 100% vegetable soap noodle, free from all animal derived ingredients
  • BPA free plastics designed to break down in landfill and reduce environmental impact
  • Not tested on animals
  • 100% Carbon Neutral

 Kudos Coastal Fragrance:

Contemporary fragrance with top notes of vanilla and coconut, middle notes of wood and white flowers, finished with the bottom notes of the citrus and orange blossom.

“The samples were packaged beautifully and were a treat to receive!”