Ideology Mini Packs


Ideology has been designed with a clean and sophisticated scent, with spicy and woody base notes that leave a lingering feeling of comfort.

*Accessories also available, see below for details.

Minimum order is 20 packs.


Ideology has been created with a commitment to sustainability, all products are BPA free, recyclable and biodegradable. They contain an organic-based ERP™ (Environmentally Responsible Packaging) additive to reduce our environmental impact.

Boosted with organic 100% Australian Botanical extracts, including Kakadu Plum and Kangaroo Apple extract, Ideology leaves skin and hair radiant, soft and nourished.

Each Ideology Mini Pack contains:

  • 30ml Botanical Cleansing Shampoo
  • 30ml Botanical Hydrating Conditioner
  • 30ml Botanical Shower Gel
  • 30ml Botanical Body Lotion
  • 25g Botanical Cleansing Soap

We have made available a selection of Accessories that we can add to your mini pack order. These Accessories are not added to the packs but are included separately in your parcel. Please add your order to Quote if you require them to be added to your mini packs (additional costs apply).

Key Features of using Ideology:

  • Enhanced with Organic Australian Botanicals
  • Free from all parabens, CDEA and phthalates
  • Soaps are Triple-Milled, Vegan Friendly and made from 100% vegetable soap noodle, free from all animal derived ingredients
  • ERP™ Environmentally Responsible Packaging
  • Cruelty free and never tested on animals
  • 100% Carbon Neutral

Ideology Fragrance:
A clean and sophisticated fragrance with top notes of Green, Spicy Pepper, middle notes of Lavender, Rose, Pepper Spicy & Basil, finished with a base of Spicy, Woody, Musk & Sandalwood.

“It is a fabulous service you provide. So great to be able to order in smaller quantities.”

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