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If you operate your Airbnb as a professional service (and you should!) then you need to be serious about meeting high cleaning standards.

In these COVID-19 times, guests are more concerned about cleanliness than ever before, meaning it’s vital you reassure them that cleaning standards are high.

You can bet your bottom dollar that cleanliness will be the main topic for comment on your Airbnb reviews, so ensure only positive notes are left by making the cleaning process a smooth one.

Read on for some tips to ensure the cleaning of your Airbnb property is up to scratch.

Covid 19 has caused a change in the requirement’s for hospitality cleaning. View the latest hospitality cleaning standards set by Safe Work Australia here.

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Regular cleaning of your Airbnb

If you’re not a professional cleaner, chances are it may be difficult to maintain your Airbnb at the same standards of cleanliness found in a hotel.

Consider leaving it to professionals to take care of the dirty work. Not only will this mean less stress for you, it’ll ensure someone is always available to clean your property before new guests arrive. This doesn’t have to result in further upkeep expenses for you as you can pass the cost on to the guest via the ‘cleaning fee’ option within Airbnb.

You or the professional Airbnb cleaning service should do the following prior to new guests arriving:

  • Change the bed sheets
  • Clean and put away any dirty dishes
  • Clean out fridge and freezer
  • Vacuum and mop all floors
  • Sweep outdoor entertaining areas
  • Clean the bathrooms
  • Wipe and dust all surfaces
  • Check all inventory to ensure nothing is broken or missing.
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Don’t forget to spring clean

Although a professional clean after every stay is a good idea, you may like to hire the company to do a regular deep clean of your Airbnb property.

Depending on how busy your property is with guests, deep cleans should be carried out between 2 to 4 times per year.

Give your Air BNB a thorough scrubbing from top to bottom. The cleaning process should include:

  • Cleaning out the fridge and microwave
  • Wiping out the kitchen cupboards
  • Clean out the pantry
  • Cleaning the oven
  • Shampooing the carpets
  • Deep cleaning appliances such as coffee machines
  • Cleaning out closets, including walk-in robes and linen cupboards
  • Sweeping out the garage space
  • Garden & outdoor clean up and maintenance

Regular deep cleans to your property will ensure its upkeep is to a continuous high standard.

Ensure all toiletries are re-stocked

There is nothing worse than running out of toilet paper at home – and you can guarantee this annoyance is felt ten fold when it’s at a property you’re holidaying at.

Always make sure your guest bathrooms are stocked with toilet paper and all the toiletries your guests might need are to hand.

It’s a good idea to supply guests with hand soap, shower gel, shampoo and conditioner. We provide these convenient toiletry packs to make the process simple for every guest stay. You can take a look at all of our bathroom tips here, to get your guest bathroom gleaming.

If you like, it might be worth asking your cleaners to check the inventory of your bathrooms and re-stock them as required, saving you trips to the property in-between stays.

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Re-assure your guests with smooth communications

In these COVID-19 times, it’s worth keeping your guests up-to-date with all your cleaning procedures so as to leave them feeling safe when entering your property.

You can do this beforehand by emailing them information about how the property will be cleaned and prepared before their arrival. Or you could include a printout within your guest information handbook, which is often left in a convenient place such as on the living room coffee table.

Within these communications, state how the property is cleaned, how surfaces are disinfected and that your cleaning staff wear gloves and other protection gear (if they do).

Airbnb is recommending properties adhere to strict cleaning guidelines, and if you feel comfortable following these, it might be worth letting your guests know you’re going the extra mile for their safety.

For example, Airbnb suggests that cleaning staff wear personal protective equipment, such as masks and gloves when cleaning, as well as only using cleaning disinfectants that are approved by regulators. (Similar to cleaning products that can be found in hospitals.)

They are also recommending a 24-hour time frame is given between cleaners leaving the property and guests entering, to allow any airborne particles to dissipate. You can read more about Airbnb’s cleaning protocol on its website.

Keep it clean and your guests will thank you

Cleanliness has never been more important at your Airbnb property. Remember the process is two fold – not only does your rental need to sparkle for each guest stay, but it’s important to keep your guests informed about your cleaning processes to reassure them of the property’s high quality.