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A bathroom can truly make or break a property.

As an Airbnb host, it’s vital to keep in mind that cleanliness and ease-of-use are the two main elements guests look for when entering a property’s bathroom for the first time.

Remember that visitors to your accommodation need to feel comfortable within your bathroom space as they relax and enjoy the amenities you are offering.

Even if your bathroom is a little dated, these top Airbnb tips will get your bathroom sparkling in no time, without the need for a costly renovation.

Toiletries and Soap

A way to put yourself ahead of the competition is to treat your bathroom space as a hotel bathroom rather than one in an Airbnb home. This means providing your guests with complimentary toiletries of a similar nature to what they would find within a luxury resort.

For the basics, you should at least provide shampoo, hand soap and body wash. Conditioners and body lotions aren’t essential, but if you want to complete the luxury vibe they are worth considering.

When choosing which toiletries you would like to provide for your guests, consider neutral scents so everyone feels comfortable using the products.

As a host, you can either opt for large, refillable dispenser units fixed to the wall and inside the shower cubicle, or choose small individual bottles and tubes that guests can take home if they don’t use them all.

To cut down on cost, and for added convenience, it’s best to purchase all of your toiletry items in bulk so you have them on hand when cleaning the property in between stays.

Mini Care Mates caters for all product sizes and budgets and can help with your selections if required.

Dental kits

Forgetting your toothbrush can kick your holiday off on the wrong foot.

Help guests out by providing a one-time-use toothbrush and toothpaste for the instances where they accidentally leave their own at home.

Or perhaps you’ll have guests arriving late to the property who won’t have the energy to unpack their supplies from the bottom of their suitcase. Once again, they’ll thank you for the thoughtfulness of a complimentary toothbrush.

Your guests may not even decide to use the toothbrush and toothpaste during their stay, but this doesn’t mean it’ll go unnoticed. The fact it has been provided will demonstrate you have thought about every aspect of their comfort and will leave a positive impression.

Photo by Ketut Subiyanto from Pexels

Bathroom fixtures

A dated bathroom can be easily upgraded by replacing simple items within it, such as shower fixtures, taps and toilet seats. To replace all of these will only cost you a couple of hundreds of dollars but can make the world of difference to the overall look and feel of the bathroom space.

Upgrade your bathroom to include a rainwater showerhead instead of a standard one, or consider including a handheld showerhead for ease of use – especially if you might have young kids staying at your property and the bathroom doesn’t have a bath.

Keep fixtures clean and free from lime scale at all times, and ensure your showerheads are operating with strong water pressure. You can bet that if the water pressure is low, a guest will be dissatisfied and this could result in a negative review.


Make life easy for your guests by giving them storage space in a cupboard to pack away their toiletries. If your bathroom is small, consider mounting a mirrored cupboard above the sink so it has a dual use of both storage and mirror.

Hooks are also important for guests so they have space to put their towels and dressing gowns. Many guests these days travel with toiletry bags that can be hung up, so placing extra hooks around the bathroom will always be appreciated. Consider putting a hook next to the shower stall so visitors have ease of access to their towel every time they step out of the shower.

Make sure any towel racks are securely mounted to the wall and ensure you provide enough hanging space for the maximum number of guests that could be using the bathroom throughout the stay, so each visitor has a place to hang their own towel.

Bath mats and towels

While we’re on the subject of towels, make sure you provide large towels that are clean and soft for each guest. If your accommodation is close to the beach or has a pool, spa or fitness room, it’s also a nice touch to include beach towels or gym towels as well. These extra towels don’t necessarily need to be stored in the bathroom – if you don’t have the space, consider popping them into the linen cupboard.

Don’t forget hand towels and face cloths too, as these are often a thoughtful addition guests will appreciate.

Bathroom mats are also an essential for your guests. Not only does a fluffy bath mat provide your visitors with luxurious added comfort, it gives them a non-slip surface to stand on when they get out of the bath or shower. It’s also a good way to keep the bathroom floor cleaner for longer.

Laundry hampers and waste bins

A small laundry hamper is a considerate touch to add to your bathroom so your guests know where to store their dirty towels when they leave. If you have long-term visitors and the property has a washing machine, a laundry hamper also provides your guests with an added convenience when they do their washing.

A waste bin in the corner of your bathroom is essential for guest use, so visitors have a place to put toilet rolls, used cotton wool and other waste within the bathroom area.

Hair Dryer

Holidaymakers often don’t go to the effort to pack their own hairdryers due to how much room they take up in their suitcase, so to provide one is a thoughtful touch.

If you really want to go the extra mile, you could also supply a hair straightener too!

Make your Airbnb feel like a home

Remember that guests often choose to stay in Airbnbs over hotels because they love their personal and homely feel. So don’t be afraid to inject some personality into your property and add some homely touches that you wouldn’t find at a resort or hotel.

However, don’t forget that when it comes to bathrooms, what guests are really looking for is a spotlessly clean space, so do your utmost to make it pristine.

And if you truly want to shine, don’t forget that complimentary toiletries give your bathroom that added sparkle.