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A lot of thought goes into designing a boutique hotel room. The placement of the bed, the art on the walls, the curtains and the colour scheme – all needs to be carefully considered to create the perfect ambience for your guests.

Decking out the room with the appropriate accessories is vital to ensuring that everyone who comes to stay is comfortable.

But what essentials do you need to place within your hotel rooms and ensuites?

We’ve come up with a list below to ensure you don’t miss any vital items.

Towels and blankets

No boutique hotel room is complete without blankets on the beds and towels in the bathroom. But do you have enough?

Some guests feel the cold more than others, and by providing an extra blanket in the wardrobe, you can be satisfied they won’t be shivering in the evenings.

While a towel per guest is essential in the bathroom, some guests like a towel for wrapping their hair in as well as drying themselves. It’s also worth including a face towel and pool towels if your facility features a pool, gym or spa.

If you can’t fit these extra towels within the bathroom space, roll them up neatly or fold them and leave them on the bed.

Bathroom accessories

In any hotel environment, it’s important to provide your guests with toiletries so they don’t have to worry if they forget certain items.

Certainly, many holidaymakers travel with bathroom items, but guests also expect their accommodation to provide the basics.

You should stock your resort hotel bathrooms with toothpaste, toothbrush, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, soap and lotion.

Presentation of these products will set you apart from other resorts, so consider providing toiletries that are displayed in an appealing way, encourage your guests to relax and indulge in a little extra luxury.

Go above and beyond by providing convenient accessories like a wall mounted mirror, soap dish, tissues and digital scales too.

Luggage racks

All boutique hotel rooms must have storage space for visitors to hang and unpack their clothes. The best option is to have both a wardrobe and drawers, so visitors have a choice on how they wish to store their belongings.

However, for shorter stay visitors, they may decide they’d rather not unpack their bags at all. If this is the case, it’s important you provide luggage racks so they can easily place their bags in a corner without cluttering the room.

Robes and slippers

Providing a fluffy white robe and comfy slippers speaks volumes in hotel luxury and your guests will thank you for this thoughtful added touch.

The good news is that the bathrobes can be reused between guests, provided they are washed, so it’s an accessory that’s a worthwhile business expense.

In warmer climates, opt for a cotton waffle weave kimono bathrobe, or for cooler months you could place fleece bathrobes within your hotel rooms.

Waste bins

Waste paper bins are essential in the resort room itself, even though this is often a simple item that can be easily overlooked. A bin should also be provided in the bathroom.

Often guests have items they need to ditch – whether it’s an airline ticket stub, baggage stickers or an empty loo roll. Don’t leave them stranded and make sure they have a place to put their rubbish.

Other room accessories

When furnishing your hotel rooms, it’s important to think about all the extra conveniences you might be able to provide.

Consider what your guests needs will be. If they are travelling for business, chances are they will want an ironing board and iron to make sure they’re turning up to meetings without a wrinkled shirt.

Likewise, consider adding a full-length mirror so guests can see how they look before they hit the streets for a bit of sightseeing.

Remember also, that presentation is everything.

When the guests walk into the room and see complimentary coffee and tea presented on a welcome tray, located next to a personalised welcome note and luxurious toiletries, they will be ready and willing to write a glowing review about their stay.